Encourage. Support. Connect.

Our mission is to celebrate and explore the powerful influence women have on each other's lives through building friendships, sharing experiences and providing financial support in the form of educational grants to motivated women.

What We Believe In.

The Girlfriend Factor believes in the power of girlfriends. We believe that when women have the encouragement and support of their girlfriends, they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. We also believe that education is the key to economic advancement and self-sufficiency among women.

What We Do.

The Girlfriend Factor aims to ensure that higher education and occupational training are financially accessible to adult women who choose to improve their economic position in life and who strive for self-sufficiency. We provide educational grants to women to achieve their educational goals.

We have created our organization with minimal red-tape or bureaucracy so that our time and energy can be directed towards the sheer essence and fun of being Girlfriends. Within the Girlfriend Factor friendships blossom, fun is had, and lives are changed for the better! We are a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


We are The Girlfriend Factor. Just watch us.

About Us

The Girlfriend Factor was conceived over two very cold glasses of beer on a very hot day in Palm Desert, California in the summer of 2005. Joan Busick and Michele Moore, long time friends and business associates, had lamented for some time that there simply were no women's organizations they really felt a part of, yet they missed the comradery and fun of belonging to a group of like-minded women. They were also at a point in their lives where they both wanted to give back. Life was good, and it was time to share some of what they had, and what they knew, with others. They also realized that there were so many other women, about their same age and position in life, who were looking for something, but didn't quite know what. So what to do?


They discussed what it was that made them happy, what it was that made them feel fulfilled. What did they believe in, and what didn't they believe in. And who was it they wanted to connect with, and who was it they wanted to help. The answers began falling in place like pieces of a puzzle, an overriding personality began to take shape, and The Girlfriend Factor was born!


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