Our Recipients

If you want to change the world, educate a woman! Meet the extraordinary local women we’ve been proud to support through educational grants, and learn about their inspirational stories.


Fostering fun for a fabulous cause is what Girlfriend Factor is all about! From our girl power-filled GoGirl Luncheon to the tropical-themed Club Cabana, check out our upcoming calendar of events.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved! Whether you have time or treasure to share with the Girlfriend Factor, we invite you to connect and contribute as part of our circle of girlfriends.

About Us

Supporting Women in Our Community for Over 17 Years

That’s over 17 years of making a difference in other women’s lives!! Can you believe it? It was May 8, 2006 when we launched the beginning of our organization and website with a pajama party where we signed up our first Girlfriends, blew bubbles, dealt with an unruly chocolate fountain and shared our dreams with over 70 local women who were curious as to what GFF was all about. On that day we were filled with enthusiasm but really had no idea of the huge impact we ultimately would make on other women’s lives. We look forward to many years of continued joint effort and life-changing accomplishments.

Just the Facts

To date, we have assisted over 180 local women with more than $700,000 in educational grants combined with lots of emotional support. We are currently supporting 30 adult women as they pursue higher education at our impressive educational institutions in the Coachella Valley. We are on a roll in this pivotal year and intend to keep the momentum going.

Keeping it Local

It’s really all about seeing the faces of the women we help and knowing their names. Which is why, for GFF, it’s all about local funds for local women. Seeing our grant recipients radiate confidence as they gain self-worth reinforces the fact that we are personally helping change the world. When you donate a dollar to GFF, that whole dollar goes to help women in our community attend our local schools  so they can become gainfully employed in our local economy. When a woman becomes a productive citizen in the workforce we all win.

Always remember that GFF is not someone else’s charity. It is OUR charity. Grassroots and homegrown. We encourage you to stay connected or reconnect, with GFF. We look forward to many years of continued joint efforts and life-changing accomplishments.


Never forget, if you want to change the world, educate a woman.