Blind Faith Gang

We wish to acknowledge the following women who, upon receiving an invitation to assist us in building our organization, contributed out of friendship and sheer blind faith. Without knowledge or understanding of our dream, they chose to be part of something bigger than themselves. For their generosity and faith, we will forever hold them as the foundation that created The Girlfriend Factor.

Blind Faith Gang Donors

Marge Arcement
Carmen Ballinas
Jaime Bailey
Pamela Bonino
Tiffany Brain
Nancy Calcese
Jean Campanga
Jean Carron
Eileen Carron
Joy Chamberlain
Maureen Dale
Donna Dunn
Lauran Findlay
Michelle Goodwin
Jacke Green
Patti Gribow
Norma Hare
Sherry Haswell
Diana Herrington
Ellen Kane
Maria Kiner
Cindy Kleine
Diane Kline
Linda Loddengaard
Lillian Lopez
Kim Lovich
Janice Lyle
Tanya Malch
Reesa Manning
Barbara McClure
Angela Mitchell
Sheri Mount
Nancy Nason
Linda Oery
Kim Olson
Cory O’Meara
Rose Marie Picanco
Barbara Platt
Celia Rennie
Maria Salazar
Gloria Snellenberger
Marianne Sprague
Katie Sween
Sandra Tredwell-Craib
Carol Walters