Getting to Know GFF

 The Girlfriend Factor (GFF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Palm Desert, California. Launched in 2006, our grassroots organization has been built with minimal red-tape or bureaucracy so that our time, energy and donations can be directed towards our mission of assisting women get back on track to achieve their economic goals and dreams.

What We Believe In.

• The Girlfriend Factor believes that education is the key to economic advancement and self-sufficiency among women.

• We believe that when women become productive members of our economic workforce, they help not only themselves but their families and the society around them.

• We believe in the power of girlfriends. We believe that when women have the encouragement and support of their girlfriends they can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

• We also believe that if we each give a little, together we can give a lot.

• And local funds should go to local women.

What We Do.

• The Girlfriend Factor provides educational grants for undergraduate degrees and occupational certifications to motivated adult women to assist them in achieving their educational goals which will lead them to a chosen employment path.

• Our grants are renewable, allowing us to continue supporting our recipients throughout their entire educational experience.

• We additionally provide ongoing encouragement and emotional support to ensure that our recipients believe in themselves and their ability to succeed.

• The Girlfriend Factor aims to ensure that higher education and occupational training are financially accessible to all adult women who choose to improve their economic position in life and who strive for self-sufficiency.